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What clients say…

  • You know I think a genius is not someone who has their head full of facts and knowledge. some brain surgeon or mathematician. A true genius is someone who understands life and love and can share that knowledge with others. You, Scott, are a genius!

    Holly WilliamsRegistered Nurse - Tyler
  • When I first met with Scott about coaching, I was very hesitant. Not because I doubted his skill, but I doubted my need. I believed everything was great, that I had my life under control. I was lying to myself. Completely, utterly lying. Scott never pointed a finger and accused me of this lie, no, Scott simply asked me questions. Questions that caused me to realize I had completely given up control and creation of my life. During our months of working together I realized so much about who I am and how I had been functioning. Through Scott's guidance I was able to understand the stances I was coming from and take back ownership and control of my life. I went from being a people pleaser to a people server. I went from being foggy and unclear, to taking complete stock of my life and cleaning up the mess! In short, I don’t know what I’d do without the past months working with Scott, but I know that through our time together I am choosing a life of happiness and gratitude over a life of unnecessary suffering and stress.  

    Joanna GiffordPhysiologie
  • Meeting Scott and participating in his program has turned my life around. Scott's coaching challenged me to stop complaining and making excuses. I was standing in my own way. I got out of the way, made a goal and stuck to it. It wasn't exactly the way I imagined but I achieved it nonetheless! I am happier, 2 sizes smaller and the healthiest I have been in a long time. It's been quite a year of transformation. I am full of gratitude!

    Brandy JonesStudio B Designs
  • As a personal trainer and fitness leader, I know how hard it is for people to deeply connect and "feel" their bodies. In order to help people connect, transform and heal their lives, Scott Martin has mastered his passion and mindfulness practices. I've referred many people to Scott and they've ALL left his sessions/classes feeling awed and incredible. If you're searching for a deeper connection (both mind AND body), Scott will help you find the answers you're looking for. Be prepared to amaze yourself and your life!

    Melanie EdwardsEast Texas Fitness