Meet Scott


Transformation Coach

Strategic Interventionist

for Self, Relationships, Organizations

LPC, LMT, NMT, Energy Psychology Practitioner

Trauma Specialist

Mindfulness Instructor

Miracle Worker


You Are My Why

Imagine what it must feel like to be a duck and to slide into the water. That moment that you realize that you are doing exactly what you were made to do, what you were meant to do.


This is what I experience working with clients and this is what I want to guide YOU into experiencing. TAKING OFF THE MASKS created by emotional conditioning (or) past trauma and MELTING INTO THE AUTHENTIC YOU!

There may never have been a time when we know so much about the human brain and the science of neurology, epigenetics, and immunology. We know so much more now about how to rapidly heal and transform not just the story but truly at a cellular level. To actually FEEL different about who you are and what you came here to do in this life!

I am committed to guiding you to the change you truly desire in your life. Along with that commitment I bring a cascade of tools to bear to help you do so.

What Are Those Tools?

Well I can give certainly you a list of things but I also know that the most important thing to most of us is not how the 4 cylinders go into the engine but will this vehicle get me…


…from Point A to Point B.


A general sense is that we will get you on the path of building some amazing foundations, utilize a plethora of somatic processing tools and create clear distinctions that will create powerful direction and physically change the way you FEEL about the challenges in your life!

I Cannot Wait To Show You What Is Possible!

If you are interested in my background and a glimpse into how I do what it is that I do with you see Bio (or) Methods page.

Here’s What Is Important!

I am a catalyst to harnessing the power of you. I get to the source of what’s stopping you from being who you need to be, so that you can do what’s required, to get your intended results. I introduce you to POWERFUL distinctions, which once implemented will create powerful lasting change immediately!


Along the way I will bring some RAPID physical shifters that will literally and physically change the way you are holding you. For more information, I invite you to request a complementary DEEP DIVE session to see if taking THIS to the next step is what we want to CREATE together.


Before you call be aware that my coaching costs between $3,000 and $50,000 and packages in between depending upon subjective need. My promise is that I will bring every tool available in a dance to meet your needs if you promise to commit to the process. If you bring total honesty and commitment to the process, you will shift towards your dream life.